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Leaders and Teams who are ready to cultivate their best selves.

What We Offer

High-Performance Coaching and Motivational Presentations.

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  • Kat Rippy
    Founder, Energize Leadership

    JuliAnn works with the whole of you, personally and professionally. She has the ability to see the future version of you and accelerates your personal and professional success.

  • Allison Maslan
    CEO, Allison Maslan International, The Pinnacle Global Network

    Hands down, JuliAnn Stitick is my one and only recommendation for building a powerful personal brand and extending it throughout your entire organization.

  • Dena Oberst
    CEO, Gable Tax Group

    For many years I spent all of my time focused on my business and I had lost touch with myself.  Working with JuliAnn helped me reconnect with how I wanted to live my life and I started making myself a priority.  I feel lighter and more powerful now because I love myself in a new way and my business is thriving.

  • Stephanie Simpson
    Founder, Simpson Personal Branding Photography

    Working with JuliAnn allowed me to work through blocks that have vexed me for years.  I made significant changes so quickly it was magical. It has opened up doors to business success and a higher quality of life in every way.

  • Peggy Vasquez
    Motivational Speaker and Coach for Executive Professionals,

    JuliAnn’s coaching took my brand to a whole new level. I now have a comprehensive look and feel for my website, professional pictures, business cards and marketing material. She helped me condense over 20 different descriptions, messages and offerings into three succinct areas and developed a high impact value statement. JuliAnn is your go-to gal for a powerful brand.

  • Steve Geffner
    Online Video & TV Producer, Geffner Productions

    The whole process from beginning to end has been transformational on a personal and professional level. Go see JuliAnn first and let her set the foundation for your success.

  • Melanie Caldwell Holden
    Realtor & Sales Partner, Blueprint Real Estate Group

    JuliAnn has authentic compassion that lets you know she really cares and wants to help.  

    She provided me with the tools and wisdom to increase my confidence in myself and my ability to excel as a business owner.  She helped me understand how to weave my passion and values into my business in a way that resonates with others. I have grown considerably and am excelling at a higher level in my personal and professional life.  I have greater clarity, focus and a precise strategy for success. Most of all, JuliAnn helped me see my value and that is priceless to me.

  • Les Brown
    Motivational Speaker, Les Brown Global

    JuliAnn has the ability, skill, and trained eye to bring out your personal charismatic quality.  She’s doing it with me!